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3 Delectable Protein Shakes You Must Try

Becoming a mom is a responsibility that’s both rewarding and extremely tolling to one’s body and though you may be incredibly busy, it should not stop you from making sure that you have a healthy diet and nutrition. If you want a food that you can easily digest and even bring on-the-go without minding any inconveniences, then you should opt for protein shakes as they can bring more nutrition to your life than you think.

It is highly likely that if you’re thinking of the past protein shakes, the one word that you’d use to describe it is disgusting or something to close to that but amazingly, even protein shakes have experienced immense changes through time and today, you’ll find incredibly recipes that will surely not lose out to nutrition and tastiness served by other foods you love. However, there are endless combinations for protein shake recipes that you could use today that it may even be not enough for you to try them all, making it important to pick those that you’ll love. Here are some highly recommended protein shakes that you’ll certainly find extremely attractive and may even turn out to be the one that you’ll use for times to come.

The first recipe on the list is the Vanilla Coffee shake and you’ll certainly find it appealing as it will bring you your daily dose of protein coupled with the perfect amount of sweet for your sweet tooth along with caffeine to boost your energy for the day. You can opt for a vanilla protein powder, ice cream with coffee flavor and a low-fat milk, blend them and voila! You have the concoction that would give you a creamy and heavenly sensation all while making sure that you get the dose of nutrition you need to conquer the day.

If you’re the type who’s more inclined with the taste of fruit rather than a dash of sweetness and caffeine, then an orange juice shake could very well fit your liking. With the orange, not only can you fulfill your taste buds with the tarty fruit flavor, you can even get a large dose of Vitamin C which is good for you in the short and long run. With 3 oranges, vanilla and protein powder with strawberry flavor, you can concoct this sweet treat with a dash of sugar as well.

Chances are, you also love berry and this may be due to the taste and the fact that there are plenty of berries with antioxidant capabilities. With a non-fat milk, all kind of berries to your liking and coupled with ice, you can definitely achieve a concoction that you would love ‘berry’ much.